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Born in the small New England town of Hydeville, Vermont Zack's love affair with music began very early. His home was always filled with music. His Mother was constantly playing the new hit music of the day, and his father introduced Zack to the great rock music of his time. In Elementary school Zack was regularly singing in school plays and other functions, and quickly excelled in instrumental music too, playing alto saxophone.

In high school Zack picked up a guitar and with the help of friends began to teach himself to play. He and his friends started a band "Legally Blind" in which Zack was primarily the drummer. Later Zack's brother Chris joined the band along with a full time drummer. They changed the group's name to "Detour"
and Zack now found himself in the front of the stage standing behind a microphone with guitar in hand.

As Zack and the other members of "Detour" began to move on to college and other endeavors they disbanded. 
In Zack's first year at Keene State College, in Keene New Hampshire, he was introduced to vocalist Ashley Arnott. The two quickly became great friends and began performing as the duo "Ash & Zack".  The group broadened Zack's musical horizons, and urged him to continually become better and explore new music. In addition to being half of "Ash & Zack" Zack continued to work on his solo material and even spent some time on a rap side project called "Hydeville".

After college Zack returned to Vermont for a year to refurbish his solo act. Then in August 2006 Zack moved to Orlando, Florida. He quickly became a regular in the Orlando music scene and is now a recognized name and voice across much of Florida.

Zack hopes to continually grow as a musician, and in doing so spread his music to an ever growing number of people. He hopes to continue to grow in popularity throughout Florida and tour the country in the near future. Be on the look out for new music, videos, merchandise, and shows very soon!

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