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Friends and Sponsors:

Musical Mates:

K_Now (Zack's brother Chris) 
Ash & Zack (Zack and his BFF Ash)            Willtown

Taylor Gabrielle                                          Catch a Thief
The Core Of NOR (Zack's brother Chris)   Goose Universe (Zack's brother Chris)
Vanessa Pellon (myspace)                         Vanessa Pellon (sonicbids) 
Mandy Sloan                                              Radesn
Ryan LaPerle                                             
The Unrehearsed
Monkey Booty Band                                  With Wide Eyes 

Film Friends: 

Grown up Boy Films / Benjamin Zidel
Hobbs Creations
Nicole Thomas (actress)
Daniel Fernandez
Cosplay The Documentary

Paparazzi Pals:

Brendan Gillis                                            
Daniel Fernandez
Tyler Sharp

Artist Amigos:

Nicholas Heilig
Kendra Garvin         
Jamie Proctor-Brassard

Business Buddies: 

Maxine's on Shine
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